survey of empathy
Be empathetical for a moment....

This is you...

You are newly single. YOu have been given 1 year to share house expenses including mortgage, gas, water, electric in which to save up money. Three months before the end of your 1 year...what do you do to secure your future...?

a-keep on trucking
b-quit with no income coming in

AND take advantage of the save up $.

Apparently I am a fucking weirdo. What next? Really...what the fuck next....

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I have nothing left for these people. I am going to work on my resume tonight.


I thought I would introduce myself.

Name: Febsub
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Interests: Submission

Dislikes: Public humiliation

Likes: Whatever She requests

**I would love to find some lifestylers in the Cleveland/Akron Ohio area, but don't see opportunities very often. I am in a Lesbian monogamous relationship, so am not looking for sex...just kink. I want to be someone's slave. I have been in the lifestyle, or actively interested for 10 years...I am a bit of a S.A.M but I think that is only because I have never been properly trained. I would like to find folks active in this lifestyle who are not only active for the money. When money is brought into the picture, it always makes me feel as if that is the only reason they are make the money. How can I really get into my subspace when all I can think of is "She doen't really want to be here, She is just making money." It is hard...

Well, enough rambling for now...Thank you for allowing me into your community!!


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